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Chocolate Bars & Treats

Delicious handmade chocolate animals made using fine Belgian milk and white chocolate, a perfect treat for children and adults alike. Milk, white and dark luxury handmade chocolate bars. Chocolate pizzas that are a real treat for chocolate lovers. Chocolate greetings bars to send a tasty message to friends or relatives and our very special gourmet range made with delicious toppings.

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Milk Chocolate Bar
Milk Chocolate Bar Sale price£3.75
Dark Chocolate BarDark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar Sale price£3.75
7" Malteser and bean Chocolate Pizza7" Malteser and bean Chocolate Pizza
White Chocolate Bar
White Chocolate Bar Sale price£3.75
7" Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Pizza
Milk Chocolate Malteser Bean Bar
Milk Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bar
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Caramel Bar
"Happy Birthday" Milk Chocolate  Bar
"Thank You" Milk Chocolate Bar
Dark 70 Chocolate BarDark 70 Chocolate Bar
Dark 70 Chocolate Bar Sale price£3.75
Chocolate Cats
Chocolate Cats Sale price£7.20
Chocolate Frogs
Chocolate Frogs Sale price£6.60
Chocolate Animals
Chocolate Animals Sale price£7.80
Chocolate Mice
Chocolate Mice Sale price£7.20
Chocolate Pigs
Chocolate Pigs Sale price£7.80
Chocolate Spaniels
Chocolate Spaniels Sale price£6.60
Chocolate Owls
Chocolate Owls Sale price£7.80
"With Love" Milk Chocolate  Bar
"Well Done" Milk Chocolate Bar
"New Home" Milk Chocolate Bar
"Happy Anniversary" Milk Chocolate  Bar
Chocolate Hedgehogs
Chocolate Hedgehogs Sale price£10.50