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Article: Premier Chocolate Shop since 1986

Premier Chocolate Shop since 1986

Premier Chocolate Shop since 1986

Welcome to Hamiltons Chocolates Wholesale – Your Chocolate Shop Companion

At Hamiltons Chocolates, the thrill of opening a new chocolate shop is a feeling we cherish deeply. As we celebrate 25 sweet years since the launch of our first boutique in Broadway, the Cotswolds, we're reminded of the initial flutter of excitement with every new chocolate aficionado we encounter.

That first sale—a symphony of nerves and anticipation—as we wrapped a box of artisanal chocolates, is etched into our memory, ribbon and all.

Decades of Chocolatier Wisdom at Your Service

Andrew and I, with hands-on expertise since 1986, are equipped to guide budding wholesale chocolate ventures. Our door is always open, our advice always at the ready for those ignited by the prospect of creating sweet moments.

Steady Growth, Trusted Quality

Our wholesale journey, marked by loyal long-term partnerships and fresh, ambitious beginnings, is ever-expanding. We proudly supply a spectrum of businesses, from boutique establishments to larger retailers, all united by a passion for exceptional chocolate.

Empower Your Business with Our Wholesale Expertise

Discovering our extensive range of confectionery and tailored wholesale services is only a click away. Log in to peruse our wholesale price list and exquisite product offerings on our website. Let us embark on this sweet adventure together.

Hamiltons Chocolates is more than a brand; it's a shared journey in the confectionery craft, a partner paving the way for your endeavors. Whether you’re stocking timeless favorites or seeking innovative delights, our commitment to quality and your success is unwavering.

Experience the Hamiltons difference—where every chocolate tells a story, and every partnership is crafted for excellence.

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