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Article: Hamiltons and The Giant Walnut Whip

Hamiltons and The Giant Walnut Whip

Amidst the swirling numbers of London's 2012 Olympic expenditures, there buzzed the memorable phrase – "the price of a walnut whip a week." Such a bargain, if it were true! Ken Livingstone, the then Lord Mayor of London, stood firmly by this claim. But could this sweet comparison hold weight against soaring costs? Hamiltons Chocolates met the challenge head-on.

In a twist of delicious irony, Hamiltons crafted a marvel—a Giant Milk Chocolate Walnut Whip—to present to the mayor himself. A beacon of creativity and a nod to the growing budget, it was concocted in record time. London One knew just where to turn. Hamiltons, renowned for their luxury artisan Belgian chocolates, set to work, molding confectionery to commentary.

When unveiled, this impressive walnut whip was anything but ordinary:

Dimension Measurement
Height 14 inches
Base 10 inches
Weight 3.5 kg

Centered with a rich vanilla cream and sheathed in sumptuous milk chocolate, it was no less opulent than the games themselves. Adorned with 17 walnuts, it stood as a delicious metaphor for the financial crunch that the citizens were curious about.

The sweet giant was not just a feat in chocolatier craftsmanship, it was a mouthwatering spectacle that mirrored public sentiment. Its creation posed a question, dripping in chocolatey satire—was the grandeur of the Olympic games accurately embodied in the cost of a weekly walnut whip, or did we find ourselves underestimating the appetite for investment in such events?

Indulge in Hamiltons' Range of Chocolate Delights:

In life as in chocolate, size matters—at least in matters of showcase. Ken Livingstone may have received the gargantuan treat with the question of cost lingering like a sweet aftertaste. The presentation was a work of art, the message unmistakable—a wallop of wit rolled in a chocolate confection. Luxurious and laugh-inducing!

Hamiltons Chocolates' foray into such illustrious chocolate diplomacy remains testament to their agility and expertise in curating handmade delights. Each chocolate creation, whether a giant political statement or a delectable treat for your home, is crafted with utmost care and quality.

So, what's your take? Was this historic chocolate caper a confectionery portrayal of fiscal reality, or merely a whimsical tribute to London's grand aspirations? Chew on that, alongside a delicious bite of Hamiltons' finest—where opulence meets handcrafted magnificence in every piece.

Balance luxury with a touch of whimsy. Hamiltons Chocolates—a taste of splendor in every chocolate.

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