Hamiltons and The Giant Walnut Whip

Hamiltons makes a giant milk chocolate walnut whip for presentaion to Ken Livingstone.

In March 2007, the then culture secretary tessa Jowell said the cost of hosting the 2012 London Olympics had nearly trebled to £9.35bn from the original budget. Ken Livingstone, who was the London Mayor at the time said that he would not increase the current 38p a week contribution Londoners pay on the council tax for the Olymic Games. He was quoted as saying "To get the games for the price of a walnut whip a week was a bargain"

Immediately following this comment hamiltons were contacted by London One and were commisioned to make a giant walnut whip greatly exceeding the size and price of the walnut whip Ken had refered to. The walnut whip was then presented to Ken Livingstone asking the question, whether this giant walnut whip was now more reflective of the cost of the games to Londoners.

The size and weight of the walnut whip was as follows:

Height: 14 inches

Base: 10 inches

Weight: 3.5Kg

Center: Vanilla cream

Chocolate: Milk Chocolate

Walnuts: 17

Date: 02/12/2010