New Luxury Chocolate Collection

New luxury chocolate collections of rose & violet creams, coffee and caramel creams and dark chocolate peppermint creams.

Hamiltons have introduced a new collection of their handmade chocolates in three stunning packs.

Available in two sizes, either 12 or 18 chocolates the range comprises of traditional rose and violet creams, coffee and caramel and dark chocolate peppermint creams

Rose and violet creams are very much a traditional English chocolate. Made using dark chocolate shells the centres are made with a traditional fondant centre subtally flavoured with natural rose and violet flavours. The chocolates are then decorated with crystalised rose and violet petals.

Coffee and Caramel is a new combination from Hamiltons and probably one of our best. Using a two tone milk chocolate shell to mimic the coffee and caramel colours, soft caramel is piped in first followed by Hamiltons rich coffee cream producing a taste sensation to die for

Finally to permanentaly celebrate the Queens jubilee Hamiltons have produced their crown shaped peppermint creams. The dark chocolate and strong peppermint flavoured cream centre simply make a perfect after dinner mint

Date: 23/06/2012