Mother's Day Chocolates

Hamiltons have a wonderful range of mother's day chocolates and gifts

It's all about Mum on Mother's day and Hamiltons have a great range of gifts for to choose from. We have Greetings Bars saying Best Mum, Special Mum & Happy Mother's Day and Special Mother's Day chocolate gift boxes. Mums liked to be spoiled by being sent a box of delicious handmade chocolates.

In the UK, Mother's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent and since the days of Lent are not fixed, the date for Mother's Day changes as well. The general idea behind the day is to express gratitude towards our mother. It is an opportunity for the children to let their mother know that she is special and loved, whether that's breakfast in bed, sending flowers, a simple card or if you are feeling particularly generous maybe some of Hamiltons wonderful handmade chocolates.

Mother's Day is the contemporary version of the original name 'Mothering Sunday'. The occasion has a long history, which dates back to as far back as the year 1600 when the poor used to send their children to work as domestic servants in the homes of the upper classes. Once a year, these children were given leave for a day, so that they could visit their mother and their home church. The day coincided with the middle Sunday of the fasting period of Lent. It was known as 'Refreshment Sunday' or 'Mid-Lent Sunday'.

The children would visit their home Church and then head straight to meet their own mother, with some fresh flowers. While the boys would present their mother with flowers, girls would go a step further by presenting them freshly baked handmade cakes called 'Simnel Cakes'. Over time, the holiday became known as 'Mothering Sunday' and it started being celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Date: 09/03/2011