Hamiltons luxury chocolate truffles go to the Himalayas

Hamiltons chocolate truffles go on a trip to the Himalayas

In October 2009, at 5,400 m (17,700ft) above sea level on the challenging trek around Dhaulagiri the worlds ninth highest mountain crossing two Himalayan passes in Nepal, Andrew Piercy who was trekking with his father, Neil, treated himself to a selection of Hamiltons luxury chocolate truffles and luxury chocolate creams along with a good supply of Hamiltons luxury chocolate bars which he had taken with him from England. What better way to celebrate their achievements than to feast on Hamiltons luxury chocolate truffles, which they say taste just as good at 17700 ft. Needless to say that space was limited in their rucksacks to just absolute essentials!!!


Date: 02/11/2010