Why Hamiltons Handmade Chocolates taste so delicious

Why Hamiltons Handmade Chocolates taste so delicious

So why do Hamiltons luxury handmade chocolate creams. and handmade chocolate truffles. taste so delicious. Well this is for three reasons.

Firstly here at Hamiltons we use only fine Belgian chocolate, our white chocolate. is rich and creamy, our milk chocolate. is smooth and melts in the mouth with ease and our dark chocolate. is high in cocoa but at the same time not too bitter. The chocolate is ideal for handmade chocolates because of its fluidity when hand filling moulds and hand dipping and the high cocoa butter content gives a high gloss finnish to the hand cast moulded chocolates..

Secoundly, The centres are mixed lovingly by our expert chocolatiers using only the finest ingredients. The various recipe creams are then flavoured to quantity and taste, to ensure the right depth of flavour is achieved, before being hand piped into the various milk, white and dark chocolate shells.

Thirdly, Our handamde choc chocolate truffle. shells are then coated in either milk, white or dark chocolate and hand rolled in the various chocolate flakes, nuts and coatings. The hand tossing of the chocolate truffles. in the coatings ensures that they look and taste fantastic.

So to conclude, because here at Hamiltons we specialise in handmade chocolates we are able to use only the best chocolate and the finest ingredients in the creation of our delicious handmade chocolates and chocolate truffles. .

Date: 07/08/2011