Easter Eggs and Easter Chocolate Gifts

It's Chocolate Easter egg time

This time of year can seem quite dreary for some people waiting for the weather to improve and working towards their year end accounts etc but for people working in the artisan chocolate industry it's a time for creativity and it's busy busy busy.

It's chocolate Easter egg making time. It's always a challenge to come up with something a little bit different. It can drive you bonkers checking out what the competition is coming up with. Our biggest problem is packaging & transporting our magnificent creations. Chocolate Easter eggs do not travel particularly well by post unless they are in a very good container.

Of course there are our classics. The trusty 9", 8", 6" and last but not least 5" (oh please, you can at least do me the courtesy of allowing to finish my sentence), Easter eggs, filled with our delicious handmade Hamiltons chocolates. All plain, all milk or all white or for the more adventurous 1/2 and half eggs. We have customers who ask us to make the babushka (Russian nesting doll) style egg with all four sizes of egg one inside another with a surprise inside the last egg. (Really cool). We have fruit & nut eggs, sweetie eggs, pretty floral eggs, chocolate hens, bunnies & Easter greetings bars.

We take a great deal of pride in our creations and we hope they are received by our customers with equal enthusiasm. See some of our delicious Easter eggs below.


Dark chocolate date and walnut Easter egg
Dark Chocolate Date and Walnut
Malteser bean egg
Milk Chocolate Malteser And Bean
large milk half egg
Milk Chocolate with Truffles And Creams


Date: 30/03/2017