Poem about Chocolate Truffles

Just for fun a poem all about our delicious chocolate truffles.

Chocolate truffles exist to be eaten

But why, I'd like to know

If they're so dammed irresistable

Do they pile on the calories so.

They lurk there in the gift box

And a small cry comes from within

"Please eat me now, I beg you

I promise that you will stay thin".

If you do not eat me quickly

I'll melt or go manky and stale

And instead of delighting your taste buds

I'll end up in the bin without fail.

So if ever you are in a quandry

About whether to indulge or not

Remember chocolate truffles exist to be eaten

And never be left or forgot.


Yum yum give me more.........


Date: 17/05/2011