Can you make the statement Chocolate is the best Medicine?

Dark chocolate really is good for you but then we already new that.

I first read the phrase 'Free radicals' in a Women's magazine and basically they are organic molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage (a subject close to the hearts of most women), and possibly some diseases. These molecules are very unstable, therefore they look to bond with other molecules, destroying their energy and perpetuating the harmful development. In many foods there are antioxidants which are molecules that prevent free radicals from harming healthy tissues and help slow the aging process. They are thought to help prevent heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Antioxidants are found in certain vegetables, fruits, and other foods... Here it comes... don't be too hasty....One popular food that is high in antioxidants is yes you've got it, Dark chocolate. In fact, cocoa beans are more antioxidant-rich than any other food!

The Kuna Indians live on islands off the coast of Panama. In their society the risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes is reduced to less than 10%. kuna indianWhat makes the Kuna different from the rest of the world? They drink cocoa and lots of it. They drink up to 40 cups of natural cocoa per week. So how does it work? Apparently, chocolate contains flavanols which are known to improve circulation by relaxing the walls of blood vessels and decreasing platelet activity.

We do have to be a little bit careful how we assimilate this information, however. The Kuna Indians drink the unadulterated cocoa sweetened with a bit of cane sugar. If we indulged in drinking that much of the cocoa found in our supermarkets, we would quickly get fat, have pimples and significantly increase the risk of a heart attack. But...Doctors agree that eating small amounts of dark chocolate on a regular basis can significantly increase cardiovascular health. So there's a green light if ever I saw one! Go out and enjoy a little of Hamiltons dark chocolate every single day!

Date: 07/02/2011