Poem about Hamiltons Chocolate Factory

A short poem about making the chocolates in our chocolate factory in Alcester

Chocolate truffles , strawberry creams,caramels, fruit and nut,

Pralines, ginger and marzipan freshly cut,

Orange creams, lime and lemon, coffee not long filled,

Cinder toffee flat enrobed, knocked out moulds just chilled.

Dinosaurs, tawny owls,spaniels, elephants, frogs,

White mice, cats, pigs, ducks and milk hedgehogs,

Greeting bars, sweetie bars, champagne bottles and caskets,

Gift boxes in various weights, hampers and ribboned baskets

Ballotin boxes, coloured foil, outers and glycine papers,

Spatulas, icing nozzles and sharp metal scrapers.

Tempering machines, chocolate moulds, mixers and piping bags,

Ribbons, bows, petite fours, menus and ingredients tags.

Casting, enrobing, capping off, there's no time for slacking,

There are orders going out today and the chocolates still need packing.


Date: 17/05/2011