Hamiltons and Harry Potter

Hamiltons supply the sweets for the halloween scene in the first Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone"

You can imagine my surprise when we received a fax from Warner brothers asking us whether we could supply orange coloured sweets to put on the tables for the Halloween feast in their new film "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone". Well of course I said yes and asked if it would be possible for myself, my son James and daughter Louise (a huge Harry Potter fan) to visit the Warner Brothers film set in Leavesden. After some arm twisting they agreed and we ventured to Leavesden near Watford to deliver the sweets.

On arrival we were greeted and taken on set where Harry, Ron and Hermione had just finished filming in the school's great hall. We actually got to sit at the tables which had been layed up for the start of term feast. Incredibly the food on the tables was real! Whilst I then delivered the sweets, James and Louise were taken to see the "Diagon Alley" set and the set to be used for the giant chess board used later in the film. The detail in the film set was awesome and the whole experience made for a very memorable day out.


Sweets For The Haloween Feast
Sweets For Haloween
Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
The Philosophers Stone
Harry Potter The Haloween feast
The Haloween Feast


Date: 22/12/2000