100% Cocoa Chocolate, Good or Bad

With the rise in demand for high cocoa dark chocolate some brands now produce a 100% cocoa bar, but is high cocoa chocolate better?

With the rise in demand for high cocoa dark chocolate the question needs to be asked is an 80% cocoa chocolate really better than a 55% cocoa chocolate?

Chocolate in its purest form i.e 100% cocoa is extremely bitter and unless you have a passion for extreme bitterness, not very pleasant to eat. Cocoa content alone does not define a good chocolate, the quality and origin of the cocoa beans is an important factor as well as the manufacturing process of the chocolate its self. A good 80% cocoa chocolate bar is not better than a good 55% cocoa bar, it just has a different taste.

Here at Hamiltons we use a high quality Belgium chocolate with a 55% cocoa content the other 45% being made up of sugar and natural vanilla flavouring to make our luxury dark chocolate bars. The chocolate melts nicely in the mouth and has a rich roasted cocoa bean flavour, just the right balance of sweetness to bitterness to make it perfect for using with our delicious chocolate truffles and handmade chocolate creams.

It is certainly true that consumers are now far more aware of the difference between a good and a cheap chocolate and the different flavours that can be experienced with single origin chocolate. In 1986 when Hamiltons was founded there were only a hand full of artisan chocolatiers and specialist chocolate shops, whereas today most towns have at least one. The rise in the popularity of high cocoa chocolate and luxury handmade chocolates seems to have gone hand in hand and the consumers taste ever increasingly more discerning.

Date: 26/04/2013