What Valentine's Day means at Hamiltons

Things get a little heart shaped here at the handmade chocolate emporium

What does "Valentine’s Day" mean to all the hard workers at the Hamiltons Chocolate Emporium? Well, for starters it means the production of lots of handmade chocolate moulded into the shape of a heart (what else!). We make small solid hearts in white, milk and dark chocolate, large solid hearts, praline filled hearts, heart shaped caskets filled with an assortment of chocolate truffles and soft centres, heart shaped hearts with 'I love you' written on them in chocolate and greetings bars with messages of adoration written on them in delicious Belgian chocolate (hey, these are not in the shape of a heart, so what happened here?). In addition, we offer beautiful gift boxes with hearts on the packaging and heart shaped gift boxes filled with luxury handmade chocolates all wrapped up with ribbon with hearts embellishments.

So why was the 'heart shape' chosen as one of the symbols for Valentine's Day. This is a matter of some controversy. It only vaguely resembles the human heart. Some people claim that it actually depicts the heart of a cow, a more readily available sight to most people in past centuries than an actual human heart. However, while cow hearts are more similar to the iconic heart shape, the resemblance is still only slight. The shape does, however, resemble that of the three-chambered heart of the turtle...!!! Does that answer the question……..I don't think so.

Date: 14/02/2011