Easter eggs and online sales

Online and shop sales of our handmade Easter Eggs, gourmet chocolate Pizza's and luxury handmade chocolates go from strength to strength

This year we have seen substantial growth in our online and shop sales of our handmade Easter Eggs, gourmet chocolate pizza's and luxury handmade chocolate gift boxes.

After resolving last years problems with shipping the handmade Easter Eggs we have seen sales more than double. The range consists of our handmade sweet embedded eggs, contemporary eggs containing an assortment of our handmade chocolates and pretty flower eggs again containing an assortment of our handmade chocolates.

There are four sweetie eggs to choose from, chocolate liquorice allsort eggs, chocolate jelly bean eggs, chocolate dewdrop eggs, and chocolate dolly mix eggs, the eggs are handmade with white chocolate covering the sweets and the main body of the egg made in smooth milk chocolate. The eggs are presented in an attractive, colourful, acetate box.

The contemporary Easter egg range is presented in an acetate box with a striking black base and top to accentuate the colours running through the chocolate. The white chocolate contemporary egg is decorated through with pink chocolate, the milk chocolate contemporary egg has red and yellow decouration and the dark chocolate contemporary egg a striking yellow chocolate decouration. All the eggs contain and assortment of hamiltons luxury handmade chocolates.

Our gourmet chocolate pizza's have also been selling very well both online and in the shops. The best sellers are deffinately the malteser and bean pizza along with the strawberry marshmallow pizza and the chocolate crunch pizza. After Easter we will be trialing two new flavours, a white chocolate malteser and bean pizza and a milk chocolate liquorice allsort pizza.

After improving the pictures of our luxury gift boxes we have found sales have increased dramatically (so a picture really does paint a thousand words). More and more customers have been opting for boxes of our individual flavours of handmade chocolate creams and luxury chocolate truffles. Best selling flavours include coffee creams and malibu truffles

Date: 27/03/2012