Childrens Chocolate Party

Childrens Chocolate Party after school for six screaming girls

Ran a childrens chocolate party last night for 6 screaming girls. It was great fun as all the girls were really up for it.

We started off with a quick talk on how we use chocolate the difference between milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate, the tempering process and how we make our chocolate creams and chocolate truffles. Of course throughout there was much chocolate tasting going on.

Then we had a go at painting chocolate lollipop moulds with white chocolate before flooding the mould with milk chocolate, it creates a great two tone effect.

Once that was complete I showed them how we make our sweetie Easter eggs and chocolate pizza's and then they all had a go at making their own chocolate pizza, choosing themselves which sweets to use as toppings, didn't know you could get that many sweets on a 7" chocolate pizza.

Chocolate hedgehogs was the next thing and all the girls painted the backs of their own chocolate hedgehogs with milk chocolate before putting them face down in a tray of dark chocolate vermicelli. This gives the spiked back effect to the hedgehogs.

Now for the real fun we split the girls into two teams, the white chocolate team and the milk chocolate team and I showed them how we flood the chocolate moulds to make the chocolate shells for the chocolate truffles. They then had to, in a generation game style, flood two moulds each, put them to dry and later scrape them. Sounds simple but let me tell you there was chocolate everywhere, it was carnage but great fun.

Finally they bagged and ribboned the chocolate lollipops they had made and I boxed up their chocolate pizza's ready for them to take home.

Date: 03/02/2012